What is Dental Literacy?

Hint: It’s not reading about dentistry. It’s actually about the ability to understand and acquire basic information regarding one’s health and health services, which are needed in order to make decisions that affect one’s oral health.

Why is it 

Dental literacy is important because it allows people to make informed decisions about their own healthcare, as well as to understand the different oral health products and treatments that are available to them.

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What are some inequalities regarding oral health and dental literacy?

Inequalities in oral health mean that some demographics have better oral health overall than others. This disadvantage is often the result of low socioeconomic status. People experiencing homelessness typically have lower oral health as well.

What Factors Can Cause Dental Inequality?

Factors such as employment status, social exclusion, social support, and access to food and nutrition all influence dental inequality.

How Can You Improve Your Dental Literacy?

There are many ways that you can improve your dental literacy. When you go to the dentist, ask lots of questions about your health and research any topics you are curious about!



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Significance of Oral Health

Our oral health can affect our overall health as a result of bacteria growing in our mouths. Oral health can also be decreased in vulnerable populations due to many factors.