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Preventative Oral Healthcare

We believe the first step to oral healthcare treatments is preventive education. It is the easiest and financially feasible way of keeping a healthy mouth. We want to work with you to prevent the need of treatments so you can have a healthy mouth for life.


In an effort to increase oral healthcare literacy and assist in you in preventing oral health problems, we have compiled current research to help you navigate a world where oral health information is not easily accessible. 

We are creating powerful preventative-approach campaigns to educate Canadians on how to care for their oral health. A preventative based approach to healthcare will encourage healthy habits, confidence and prevent Canadians from facing the barriers to accessing care. We hope that this will ultimately increase overall health outcomes by preventing oral disease and lessen the existing burden on the health care systems while being financially affordable.

Preventative Oral Healthcare Literacy

We want to ensure everyone has healthy mouths. This begins with the correct education on preventative measures - we want to stop your issues from becoming issues in the first place. This way you are able to prevent the need of treatments and stay healthy. Oral healthcare literacy has is about the ability to understand and apply healthy habits regarding your oral health which are needed in order to make healthy decisions about you.

Why should you practice it?

We want to encourage Canadians to practice preventative oral care to ensure they have healthy mouths for a lifetime. This approach to oral care will allow you to make informed decisions on your own care as well as understanding the different oral health products and treatments that are available to you.

Inequalities in the Healthcare System

All of us have access to different opportunities in receiving care - this is usually not by choice, but rather due to the social determinants of health. Your oral health is related to these determinants and we want to encourage everyone to be aware of these inequalities. This way we can create a healthcare system that acknowledges these inequalities to create an equity based healthcare system.


Join the Prevenatative Oral Healthcare Campaign

We encourage you to use our free resources to support our Preventative Oral Healthcare campaign. Distribute and display these in your dental office, workplace, classrooms or use on social media.



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How Can You Improve Your Dental Literacy?

We want you to make informed decisions on the care of your own health and make healthy decisions. We have created resources for you to learn and engage with healthy practices. We encourage you to ask questions about your health and research any topics you are curious about.


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