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SASBC Service

The dental care system in Canada is unaffordable and hard to access for the average Canadian. To combat this, we have created a service that aims to bridge the oral health care gap in Canada and ensure those who need care most are able to access it. Our SASBC Service is a first-come, first-served service that provides free of cost emergency dental services for non-elective procedures.


We provide emergency dental care treatments to low-income community groups and those that need it the most. Using our online application system, you can join the waitlist or nominate someone to receive a treatment from our partner dental practice.

We are creating powerful preventative-approach campaigns to educate Canadians on how to care for their oral health. A preventative based approach to healthcare will encourage healthy habits, confidence and prevent Canadians from facing the barriers to accessing care. We hope that this will ultimately increase overall health outcomes by preventing oral disease and lessen the existing burden on the health care systems while being financially affordable.
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