Our Support

We have teamed up with local dentists, hygienists and community organizations to provide people who cannot afford dental care with free access to oral health care and sustainable dental products. With the help of our community, every few weeks, we are able to fund a complete dental visit for individuals that may not be able to easily access dental care.

Support Group

The Mission

To Spread Smiles


We are a not-for-profit organization that provides dental health services and sustainable products for people who cannot afford dental care while increasing oral health literacy for all.

The Motive

The 2020 Pandemic hit the world hard, but it hit low income populations harder. While most of us stayed home, persons without a home were severely impacted due to less support in their communities. We decided something must be done. Before determining our mission, we asked some individuals about their hardships and what they would value from a non-profit. Surprisingly, many spoke about their teeth and how much pain they are in from dental health problems, to the point where it becomes difficult to eat hot foods. When beginning to discuss the possibility of free dental treatments, they shared how excited they were about that possibility. Soon the excitement turned to beaming smiles and we knew our purpose was to spread this feeling; to spread those smiles.

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