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Take a Deep Breath: 10 Ways to Have a Peaceful Experience at the Dentist

Author: Katie MacMillan

Going to the dentist gives us an hour to sit back and let someone else make our teeth beautiful - sounds relaxing, right? Well, if you’re part of the upwards of 60% of people who fear the dentist, not so much (Dental Products Report, 2018).

So, how can the dentist be a more enjoyable experience? If this is supposed to be a twice a year trip for our entire adult lives, something has to give.

Luckily, there are many easy and quick things you can do to help yourself relax at the dentist, such as:

  1. Meditate while in the chair, to help relax your mind.

  2. Listen to music if you’re sensitive to the noise of dental tools.

  3. Drink a calming and caffeine-free drink before going to the dentist.

  4. Bring a blanket to lay on top of yourself so you feel warm and safe.

  5. Have a friend come with you to keep you company.

  6. Tell your dentist about your fears ahead of time so they can be more mindful about how you are feeling.

  7. Get a good night’s rest the night before.

  8. Bring your own pair of sunglasses that you are comfortable in to wear when the dental lights get too bright.

  9. Take breaks, and let your dentist know when you are starting to feel overwhelmed. Hand signals could be discussed with your dentist ahead of time, to signal when you need a time-out (Lane & Rising, 2022).

  10. Talk to your doctor about anti-anxiety medications that can be taken at your dental appointment (Lane & Rising, 2022).

Going to the dentist should not be something to dread, but rather an act of self-care that will keep your teeth strong and healthy. Try some of these at your next visit to stay calm and relaxed!


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